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Coffee exports from india hero image

Coffee Exports from India | How the market has stirred up

This report has examined the coffee trade across India and the globe, while also analyzing India’s competitors in the coffee market, and understanding the impact of covid-19 on this sector. Read More

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Global Shipping Crisis

Global Shipping Crisis | The detrimental impact of the rising tide of freight costs on SMBs

The research paper examines the shipping and logistics crisis that has been plaguing the sector since the onset of covid-19. The analytical piece also outlines how the Indian SMEs have been navigating their business amidst the skyrocketing freight costs. Read More

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Tea Exports

Tea Exports in India | Time to brew this sector

This report has examined the tea trade across India and the globe from a principal commodity perspective taking a deep dive into India's competitors and impact of COVID-19 on this sector. Read More

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COVID - 19 Goods & Their Growing Prospects

COVID-19 Goods & Their Growing Prospects

The COVID-19 pandemic has unlocked new opportunities in exports for Indian businesses, creating growth and new markets in multiple product categories. This article looks at 14 growing medical-related HS codes during the January-July period from the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade’s (DGFT) data bank. Read More

Industry Insights
Vietnam Vs Indian Exports

Vietnam vs Indian Exports | What India can learn from Vietnam

This article lays out some key insights into the relative performance of Vietnam and India, their dominant export industries, and what this may show for the future. Read More