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Why Choose Our Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Service?

Several businesses in the United States are trading businesses that procure finished or semi-finished goods before processing them further and selling them to their customers. Businesses like these procure their goods from manufacturers or suppliers in other foreign countries or from other domestic business /n /n In order to fulfill these orders, businesses need to procure these goods beforehand and make payments to their suppliers before getting paid themselves. On a much larger scale, this arragement across the supply chain can get quite difficult to manage and businesses often face working capitla gaps which results in business losses and poor management. Drip Capital's SCF program helps businesses to push out supplier payments by temporarily arranging payments to parties in the supply chain by leveraging our platform. This works based on a dynamic discounting model wherein the supplier financing is provided only if the companies choose to receive early payment.

Features of Drip Capital's Supply Chain Finance Program?

Over the last half a decade, we've perfected our supply chain finance facilities through continous tweaking and through tailor-made solutions. some of the features of or SCF program can be found below. 1. Currency Denominations: We can make payments to your suppliers in a currency of your choice thus hedging any currency risk that arises from the transaction 2. 48 Hour Disbursements: We understand the sensitivities of business transactions which is precisely why our technology-enabled platform allows for quick document processing and disbursements. 3.Credit Limits: Our credit facilities are over and above the existing banking limits and are among the highest in the industry

Extend flexible payment terms to your suppliers
Work with a wider range of suppliers with no disagreements over credit period
Optimize working capital with a longer payment cycle
Grow your business with additional cash at your disposal
Get access to additional credit line over and above your bank’s credit facility
Reduced dependence on Banks for working capital finance

How Supply Chain Finance Works?

Supplier ships the goods and requests for payment from his Buyer
The Buyer submits soft copies of his Invoice and Bill of Lading to a Supply Chain Finance company like Drip Capital. Once approved, the buyer transfers 20% of the invoice value to Drip.
Drip Capital transfers 100% of the payment to the Supplier
The Buyer pays back 80% plus charges to Drip Capital after 30/60/90 Days

Why Choose Drip Capital?

We are a fintech company focused on solving the working capital problem for emerging market SME exporters by leveraging data and technology. We are re-building core parts of international trade finance infrastructure to level the playing field for small businesses.
High credit limit
High credit limit
You can avail SCF credit line upto $2.5 million and immediately boost your cash flow.
Competitive & transparent pricing
Competitive & transparent pricing
Supplier financing costs as low as 0.5% per month basis credit evaluation.
Collateral Free Working Capital
Collateral Free Working Capital
Get access to working capital finance using just your outstanding invoices.
Paperless, swift, hassle-free
Paperless, swift, hassle-free
Get funded within 24 hours of submitting documents online.

What Does A Supply Chain Finance Company Do?

A company oferring supplier finance solutions ensures that neither the buyers nor the sellers in a supply chain face any difficulties with respect to arranging for finance, as such an impediment would lead to a collapse of the entire value chain

A supply chain finance program is also "buyer led", meaning the buyer of the goods is the one that arranges for financing for the suppliers on his behalf. This ensures that the risk, credit access and avalablity of cash and cost of credit is well-optimized throughout the supply chain.

Drip Capital, A Company Specializing in Supply Chain Finance

Drip Capital has been facilitating global trade since for 7+ years, with a growing network of suppliers, manufacturers, middlemen and trade finance partners, we understand how the needs of global businesses and our expert trade finance specialists will custom-make the perfect solution for you.

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Growth Stories

Meat Wholesaler in California

We were able to accept more orders from existing customers and also started working with some of the popular retail chains. This meant that we had to keep our cash flow healthier than ever to fulfil this increase in demand. It's a nice problem to have as a growing business and it helps when you have a partner like Drip.

Coffee Importer in Florida

Using our bank lines to pay suppliers while cargo is still on water didn't fit very well with our working capital cycle, and we wish we would've known about Drip earlier. They have been really supportive in our growth and are helping us scale faster through both inventory and supply chain finance.

Seafoods Trader in Miami

Drip's credit line and financing process is transparent and works perfectly with our current bank. Thanks to them we are now able to purchase best quality products from reputed suppliers at attractive prices by paying upon shipment. I can now say that we're maximising our cash-conversion cycle in true sense.