How Drip's Invoice Factoring works

Getting access to working capital can be long and painful process. It involves complex application procedures, excessive documentation and in most cases collateral.

Drip offers Invoice Factoring with quick online application and minimal documentation.

You can get financed and start growing your business in as little as 14 days. Here's how:

Online Application
Submit your application online with basic information about your business and your overseas buyers.
Step 1
Drip Credit Assessment
Approval for finance is based on your export performance as well as your buyers' credit reputations.
Step 2
Buyer Notification
A notification of the financing arrangement with the revised payment instructions is sent to each buyer
Legal Documentation
A formal agreement is executed between Drip Capital Inc. and your exporting entity
Invoice Financing
You are ready to submit your invoice for financing along with shipping documents for financing within 24 hours.
Step 3
DAY 90
Balance Settlement
Drip Immediately processes the balance settlement to your account minus fees
Invoice Upload
DAY 01
Invoice Submission
Submit your invoice along with Lading or Airway Bill, PO and Bill of Shipment Confirmation
DAY 90
Invoice Payment
On maturity, the buyer makers full payment directly to Drip Capital Inc.
Invoice Upload
DAY 01
Advance Disbursement
We advance up to 85% of net invoice value within 24 hours

Now that you know how our export finance process works, start your application now to get financed in as little as 14 days.

Still not clear about our process? Give us a call on +91-8657223344 and speak to our Export Finance Advisor to get your queries answered.