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Solutions for a Healthier Cash Flow

Drip Capital’s buyer finance solutions provide a low-cost line of credit that importers & traders can avail at the click of a button. SMBs can get the additional working capital at a lower cost and improve their cash flow to invest in technology, buy more inventory, acquire new customers, meet seasonal demands, and expand to new markets, thereby allowing them to boost sales and grow their business at a faster rate.

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The Drip Advantage

High Credit Limit

Experience hassle-free same-day financing with a credit limit up to $2.5 million.

Market Goodwill

Build long-term reputation by offering favorable terms to your customers and on-time payments to your suppliers.

Paperless, Swift, Hassle-free

Get funded within 24 hours of submitting the documents on our platform

Improved Cash Flow

Create a healthier, more profitable business with a shorter cash-conversion cycle.

Simple 4-step application process

  • Apply Online

    Submit basic details about your business on our website

  • Credit assessment

    Obtain an offer letter following an automated credit assessment.

  • Submit documents

    Securely upload your documents on our dashboard.

  • Quick disbursements

    Get advance payment directly to your account.

Global awards and certifications

On-Demand Financing for Growing SMBs

Our trade finance experts can help you get the most cash out of your supply chain. Apply now to start your journey with Drip Capital.

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