Diversify Your Portfolio with Institutional-Grade Trade Finance Investments.

Alternative Income. Uncorrelated. Short Term.

Drip Capital gives institutional investors and accredited investors unprecedented access to unique trade finance assets.

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Why invest with Drip Capital?

Receive predictable monthly cash flow
Our assets are uncorrelated to stocks, bonds and real estate
Investments backed by large, diversified pool of global receivables
Short Duration
(3 to 12 Months)

A Resilient Asset Class

Trade receivables have low historical loss rates and are resilient during downturns
Loss Rates

Why Trade Receivables?

  • Pristine Performance – historically
    low-risk, recession-proof asset class
  • Impact Based Investing – Help SMBs in global market access working capital
  • USD Exposure - Global Exposure with zero EM FX Risk

Focused on strong, predictable performance


Number of Invoices Funded

$750 M

Global Trade Facilitated


Notes Issued


Principal Losses and Interest Shortfalls

Loss Rates

Who We Are

  • Drip Capital is a multinational digital trade finance company based in Palo Alto, California with additional offices across India and Mexico. We are backed by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms. Our leadership team has previously worked at BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Capital One and others.
  • Drip has originated over $750 million in post-shipment financing. The global trade finance gap — the potential trade not taking place due to lack of financing— is over $1.5 trillion annually. Drip is targeting a massive opportunity to give investors unprecedented access to trade receivables.

Equity Investors

Drip has raised equity from leading venture funds


Here's what debt investors are saying about us

Drip is offering an asset class usually limited to banks. We earn a higher return than other fixed income investments but with lower risk.
Thank you very much for making the investor process simple and efficient. We have been very happy with our investment tenure with Drip.
Thanks for everything. I am doing similar Notes with other firms, and Drip handles it the best by far! It’s great getting my expected monthly interest income without fail.

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