Diversify your portfolio
with institutional-grade

trade finance investments

Alternative income. Uncorrelated. Short term.

Drip Capital gives institutional and qualified investors unprecedented access to trade finance assets.

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Global Trade Facilitated

+$3 Billion

Notes Issued

$350 Million+

Principal Losses and Shortfalls


Why invest with Drip Capital?

Fixed Income

Receive predictable interest income monthly. Drip has paid $15M in interest to date with $0 in interest shortfalls


Investments backed by a very diverse pool of global receivables across sectors, supplier-buyer relationships, and geographies

Short Tenor

Investment tenors vary between 3, 6 & 12 months durations with attractive returns


Pristine Performance: Drip has issued $350M in Notes since inception in 2016 with $0 in principal losses to noteholders

A Resilient Asset Class

High-Quality Underlying Asset

Short-duration trade finance assets with strong credit performance

Return & Diversification

High absolute returns with limited correlation to traditional asset classes. Each Note gives exposure to a large pool of receivables

Limited Currency Risk

Underlying receivables primarily in USD

Low Volatility

Trade finance assets are uncorrelated to stocks, bonds and real estate

Loss Rates

Who We Are

Loss Rates

Drip Capital is a global digital trade finance company based in Palo Alto, California with additional offices across India and Mexico. We are backed by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms. Our leadership team has previously worked at BlackRock, Capital One, Standard Chartered and other leading financial institutions.

Drip has originated over $2 Billion in post-shipment financing. The global trade finance gap — the potential trade not taking place due to lack of financing— is over $3 trillion annually. Drip is targeting a massive opportunity to give investors unprecedented access to trade receivables.

Drip is backed by top equity investors

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