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Tea Exports

Tea Exports in India | Time to brew this sector

This report has examined the tea trade across India and the globe from a principal commodity perspective taking a deep dive into India's competitors and impact of COVID-19 on this sector. Read More

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Rice Exports_Hero Image

Rice Exports: Difficult Future for India in FY 2020

Despite having posted steady growth over most of the last decade, India's rice exports are facing a hit in international trade. As geopolitical tensions, tighter trade norms and higher MSP by the government take their toll, India -- the world's largest rice exporter -- may see its rice exports on the brink of an unprecedented fall in the current fiscal. Read More

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Marine Report Header

Marine Export in India - Damp Future Ahead

India's marine exports have been sluggish in recent times, with tighter regulations in markets like the US and the EU as well as rising competition from Southeast Asia playing spoilsport for Indian exporters. In a report taking a closer look at the sector and its ups and downs, Drip Capital charts the evolving trends for India's marine exports, and the steps needed to revive the sector's growth in the future. Read More

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Plastic Commodity Report Hero Image

Plastic Export in India - Time for Intervention and Diversification

As one of the most widely used materials on the planet, plastic has become an indispensable part of the global economy. However, India's plastic exports are wavering and showing signs of a slowdown. What is needed to revive this flagging sector? A Drip Capital report takes a closer look. Read More

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State of Apparel Report

The way forward for India’s Apparel Exports

Apparel exports form a large chunk of India's outbound shipments, but the sector has been in steady decline in the last few years. The government's decision to focus on other sectors like agriculture has left apparel exporters languishing and running out of options. However, there are still a few ways the situation can be turned around, and we examine these possible solutions. Read More