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Deemed Exports Under GST

GST and Deemed Exports | Procedure for Claiming Refund

All the exports are exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). In taxology parlance, this is known as zero-rated under GST. However, deemed exports are not zero-rated, although they are supposed to be. Hence, the government levies GST on deemed exports and then extends a full tax refund to either the buyer or the seller, whoever has paid the tax. Read More

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Deemed Exports Meaning, Eligibility, and Benefits

Deemed Exports | Meaning, Eligibility, and Benefits

The objective of the deemed export scheme is to extend the benefits or incentives enjoyed by exporters to suppliers who either contribute to exports indirectly (for example, a supplier who supplies his goods to an export-oriented unit) or suppliers who contribute to specified infrastructure projects. The policy aims to empower India’s domestic industry against the import of goods by providing duty-free inputs and benefits or exemptions on taxes or duties paid in India. Read More

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Interest Equalization

Interest Equalization Scheme | Everything Indian Exporters should know

By allowing banks to offer lower rates of interest to exporters, the government's Interest Equalization Scheme (IES) has become a mainstay of export credit provisions for Indian exporters. This article explores this scheme in greater detail. Read More

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Advance Authorization

What is Advance Authorisation Scheme?

Do you import raw materials and/or additives in large amounts for manufacturing goods and exporting them? Are fuel, oil, power, and/or catalysts pushing up the production costs for your exports? If your answer is yes, you need to know about the Advance Authorization incentive. Read More

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RoSCTL Advantage

RoSCTL Scheme | Benefits, How to Apply & More

With the much-loved MEIS on the way out, the government has announced a new export incentive for apparel exporters -- the Rebate of State & Central Taxes and Levies (RoSCTL) Scheme. Who is eligible for it, and how can you take advantage of its offerings? Read on to find out. Read More