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DAT Incoterms

DAT Incoterms 2020 | Delivered At Terminal | Shipping Terms & More

DAT is an incoterm published by the ICC, having its first edition in 1936 and the most recent one in January 2020. The recent edition has a new name for DAT, i.e., ‘Delivered at Place Unloaded’, but the responsibilities of the seller and the buyer remain unchanged. Read More

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FAS Incoterms

FAS Incoterms 2020 | Free Alongside Ship | Meaning and Shipping term

In the FAS incoterm, the seller has well-defined instructions for the course of transportation till the port of destination and the buyer seizes responsibility for loading the goods -- and all charges -- after the goods reach the nominated port. Read More

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CFR Incoterms

What does CFR Incoterm mean in 2020?

CFR stands for Cost & Freight terms, specifically used for sea and ocean freight transits and more precisely, used for bulk and non-containerized cargo. Read More

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DAP Incoterms

DAP Incoterms | What it means in 2020

The revised 2020 publication of incoterms includes the DAP rule, wherein the seller is responsible for unloading of goods at the nominated place. Herein, his liability for the risk and cost of goods rests with him till the designated port, after which the duty shifts to the buyer. Read More

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CIP Incoterms

CIP Incoterms 2020 | Meaning and Shipping terms

The CIP incoterm stands for ‘Carriage and Insurance Paid to’, wherein the seller is responsible for goods only till the first port, which is the exporter's country's port and not the terminal. Read More