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Working Capital Loans

Everything about Working Capital Loans

A Working capital loan is a loan that is offered to businesses and companies to carry out their day to day operations. These are mostly short-term loans and are taken by the companies to cover their immediate operational costs like salaries, rent, sales and marketing costs, etc. Read More

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The Hedging of Export Receivable Risk

Forex Hedge | Currency Hedging Strategy for Exporters

Currencies always fluctuate in value when compared to one another. As a result, in the case of international financial transactions, there is always a possibility of foreign exchange loss (or profit) due to these currency fluctuations. Also known as currency risk and exchange rate risk, it gets activated when the business entity involved in an international transaction trades in a currency that is not its home or domestic currency. Read More

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Types of Trade Finance

What is Trade Finance? | Methods & Types explained in detail

Trade finance is the financial assistance provided in the field of international trade and commerce through the use of various financial products. A plethora of financial products fall under the ambit of international trade finance, each of which is designed to ease the conduct of business among importers and exporters around the world. Read This guide to understand types of Trade Finance and how it helps with working capital. Read More

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Step 10 Financial Projections

Getting Your Business's Financial Projections Right

Before you actually seek financing for your export business, it is important to draft estimates of the various assets and liabilities you foresee having. These financial projections will help you make the most of your funds during regular operations, as well as prepare for worst-case scenarios. Read More