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Working Capital Loans

Everything about Working Capital Loans

A Working capital loan is a loan that is offered to businesses and companies to carry out their day to day operations. These are mostly short-term loans and are taken by the companies to cover their immediate operational costs like salaries, rent, sales and marketing costs, etc. Read More

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Payment Options + Risks

Export Payment Terms | Listing Safest mode of Payments in International trade

From open account to cash advances, there exist a range of options to facilitate payment between an exporter and their buyer. Each has its own advantages -- and risks. Read More

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Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit and its Process explained with a Flowchart

The documentary Letter of Credit (also known as a documentary credit) has been used for more than 150 years to facilitate trade. Here's everything you need to know about this popular payment instrument. Read More

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Export Finance

Do You Really Need Export Finance? Yes - and Here's Why

From building your business establishment to executing your orders and meeting business contingencies, finance is required at every step of the way in the export business. Read More

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Bill Discounting

How Bill Discounting Can Help Exporters Like You

Bill discounting is an arrangement that facilitates the inflow of working capital for exporters. Also known as invoice discounting or invoice factoring, such an arrangement can be made with a bank or a financial institution, where it releases funds to an exporter against the export invoice submitted. Read More