Simplified Trade Finance

  • Incoterms 2020

    Incoterms: Importance in International Trade & Changes in 2020

    The uniqueness of each region and country influences the local dialect. This is true even among English-speaking countries. We all know how a lorry in the UK is called a truck in the US. However, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has made sure that no such ambiguity exists when it comes to business. With this in mind, it came up with ‘international commercial terms’, also known as Incoterms.

  • Types of Trade Finance

    Types of Trade Finance & How it Helps with Working Capital

    Trade finance is the financial assistance provided in the field of international trade and commerce through the use of various financial products. A plethora of financial products fall under the ambit of international trade finance, each of which is designed to ease the conduct of business among importers and exporters around the world. Read This guide to understand types of Trade Finance and how it helps with working capital.

  • Trade Tracker - November 19

    Exports from India | Trade Tracker - November FY 20

    Our new trade tracker contains major trade and export figures each month, helping you keep better track of the state of Indian trade. Indian merchandise exports stood at $ 25.93 billion in the month of November, making YTD exports worth $ 211.66 billion, 2.11% lower than the previous financial year.

  • Marine Report Header

    Marine Export in India - Damp Future Ahead

    India's marine exports have been sluggish in recent times, with tighter regulations in markets like the US and the EU as well as rising competition from Southeast Asia playing spoilsport for Indian exporters. In a report taking a closer look at the sector and its ups and downs, Drip Capital charts the evolving trends for India's marine exports, and the steps needed to revive the sector's growth in the future.

  • Features of AD CODE

    Features of AD Code

    Without an AD Code Registration, the EDI system, which is a part of the ICEGATE Portal will not allow the shipping bill number to be generated. The shipping bill number is mandatory for customs clearance, and an AD Code is required to receive government benefits directly into your business’s current account.