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COVID - 19 Goods & Their Growing Prospects

COVID-19 Goods & Their Growing Prospects

The COVID-19 pandemic has unlocked new opportunities in exports for Indian businesses, creating growth and new markets in multiple product categories. This article looks at 14 growing medical-related HS codes during the January-July period from the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade’s (DGFT) data bank. Read More

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Demurrage - Meaning, Charges & more

Demurrage | Meaning, Charges & more

The shipowners load or unload the consignment to the port in the given time frame, referred to as laytime. If the ship exceeds the laytime, it is required to stay at the port for a longer time, which will incur a cost. This cost is demurrage that is charged to the shipowner by the importer. Read More

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Airway Bill (AWB)

What is an Airway Bill (AWB)?

An Airway Bill (AWB) is a document that consists of all the details about the goods that are transported via air cargo. Airway Bills are issued by a carrier or the agent representing the carrier and have details such as the shipment contents, the details of the supplier and the recipient, terms, and conditions under which the trade is to occur, and other vital information. Read More

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Working Capital Loans

Everything about Working Capital Loans

A Working capital loan is a loan that is offered to businesses and companies to carry out their day to day operations. These are mostly short-term loans and are taken by the companies to cover their immediate operational costs like salaries, rent, sales and marketing costs, etc. Read More

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Deemed Exports Under GST

GST and Deemed Exports | Procedure for Claiming Refund

All the exports are exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). In taxology parlance, this is known as zero-rated under GST. However, deemed exports are not zero-rated, although they are supposed to be. Hence, the government levies GST on deemed exports and then extends a full tax refund to either the buyer or the seller, whoever has paid the tax. Read More