Regardless of whether you are an importer or exporter, you have to deal with an array of complex documentation and paperwork. One such essential document is US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) form 7512, which comes into play when importing goods into the US.

The form contains all the necessary information about the cargo you are importing. So, it’s mandatory to fill out this paperwork to clear the customs legalities. Correctly filing the CBP form 7512 will ensure that the shipment reaches its destination without hassles.

What is CBP Form 7512?

The CBP form 7512 is also called the ‘Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods Subject To CBP Inspection and Permit’ form.

The CBP uses the document to understand the nature of goods you are importing, country of export, etc. This form allows customs officials to conduct verification of the shipment, after which goods are permitted to enter the US.

What is CBP Form 7512 used for?

The US Department of Homeland Security utilizes the form for cargo verification along with the CBP. Therefore, it’s one of the most important documents for importing goods into the US.

The CBP form 7512 carries vital details of the shipment, including information about the entry and destination ports. So, this form is applicable at the ports of entry where a business or an individual receives goods.

The document is necessary for shipments that travel to the US from their port of origin on a bond. Brokers and carriers handling the cargo have to fill out this form mentioning the essential details. It must include all the information on the goods. Therefore, it will be helpful when goods need immediate transportation or quick exportation.

The CBP uses the form to track the movement of these in-bond goods to ensure that no illegal cargo enters the country. The detailed information, therefore, acts as a safety procedure.

Types of CBP Form 7512

The forms 7512 and 7512A are filed by importers, customs brokers or carriers, and they collect information like the names of the importer and consignee, a description of the imported merchandise, and the ports of loading and unloading.

CBP form 7512 A is a supplementary form to CBP form 7512 to provide additional information. The former document acts as a continuation sheet for specifying additional shipment details.

It contains information about the goods carried through any given type of transport and other important information about the merchandise. It includes details such as gross weight, quantity, and value of the goods.

Components of CBP Form 7512

The CBP form 7512 contains the following vital information about the cargo:–

  • Origin port
  • Destination port
  • Merchandise details
  • Consignor and consignee details
  • Import and export dates
  • Lighterage and cartage information

Additionally, one has to talk to the CBP officer about the number of copies required to handle the shipment’s entry, manifest, or withdrawal.

How to Fill a CBP Form 7512?

To ensure a shipment clears the customs regulations successfully, you must mention the required data. To fill out this form, follow the listed below steps:-

  • Firstly, specify the shipment entry number, class of entry, date, port of entry, and port code number.

  • Then, enter the US port of unloading and other vital information about the importer. Also, give the bond description.

  • Specify the name of the lighterman delivering the cargo along with details of the destination where goods will be delivered.

  • Enter importer/IRS number, car number, pier number, vessel/carrier information, etc.

  • Don't also forget to provide details about the foreign loading port when the cargo is imported.

  • If you are exporting goods, enter the export date, country name, final destination, and current location of goods (pier, warehouse, and station details).

  • Mention details of the consignee. In the absence of the consignee details, the freight forwarder or any third party handling the shipment at the destination will be considered.

  • Specify the number of packages, the quantity of goods, etc. Then, enter the cargo's gross weight duty, rate, and cargo value. If the accurate value isn't known, provide an estimated number.

  • Add the lading certificate for goods transportation and exportation. It includes details such as an inspector, date, and the laden vessel, aircraft, and vehicle.

Also, it's essential to certify the reason for this transportation, departure locations, and the ultimate destination.

After completing this procedure, you must declare that the mentioned information is accurate. Don't forget to specify the cartage/lighterage information along with other details.

Sample CBP Form 7512

CBP Form 7512

CBP Form 7512

This is a sample of the CBP form 7512. The customs inspector will fill out the discharge report at the destination port even after you have mentioned the required details here. He or she will note the station, date, packages, seals, and other associated information.

How to use CBP Form 7512 to clear customs for imported goods?

To clear customs while importing goods, one has to file the entry at the first arrival port. However, filing an immediate transportation entry on a CBP form is necessary to obtain clearance for goods other than the arrival port. The carrier, customs broker, and importer need to file this.

Before submitting the CBP form to the customs department, the in-bond number must be included. The customs broker can obtain the number from the in-bond issuance officer.

After the goods reach the destination, a warehouse or consumption entry filing is required to obtain clearance from CBP.


The CBP form 7512 is a mandatory document that allows the safe transportation of goods from one destination to another. If you want to avoid legal complications with customs, you must take your time filling in the necessary details.

Suppose you're going to modify an already filled form; in that case, you have no option but to fill a new one. Only, it must be annotated as ‘amendment.’ However, it must have the same in-bond serial number as the original document.

If you want to understand more about the legalities of the CBP form 7512, you should contact the customs department.